Method development for the determination of molecular hydrogen from new pharmaceutical formulations.

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Hydrogen has been embarking in the medical field as a novel therapeutic gas with outstanding antioxidation properties in recent years. This brings on a need for a reliable method of quantifying this molecule that is both affordable and available in most research institutes. Some researchers have been using gas chromatography to measure hydrogen and were able to separate hydrogen from other gases. In this paper, the goal is to study the impact of different parameters and setups of gas chromatography and develop an optimized method to accurately quantify hydrogen in a gas mixture. This study uses hydrogen in air mixture of various concentrations and measures it by a GC-TCD system using N2 as carrier gas. Through experimenting with changing temperature, loops volume, split ratio, etc., we want to see how the system reacts to these alterations. The final optimized parameters can be found in the conclusion of this research. It was later used to determine the LOD/LOQ, precision and accuracy of the method and a calibration curve was created (Figure 13). This data serves as the basis for an investigation of a new hydrogen-releasing medication developed by our university and could be a guideline for researchers who work with hydrogen.

Author: Nguyen Thanh Dat. Supervisor: Dr. Bak István.

Hydrogen, GC-TCD, Quantification, Analytical chemistry