American Idioms in Business English

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In this thesis, I examine idioms in business English, especially American ones. First I will examine idioms in general because they are quite complicated to understand and especially study. They cause great many problems to ESL students because their meanings are not so evident and they are also difficult to teach. The purpose of this thesis is to help people who are interested in this topic to become more familiar with idioms, especially American ones in business English. One needs to study American English also because its features help to understand American idioms in business. The features of American English well characterize American idioms too. After these investigations, I will list some of these idioms and finally I will examine the teaching aspects of them. There are several books and sites on the Internet to help both teachers and students of idioms which give many helpful pieces of advice. I have used dictionaries of idioms, papers, books and Internet sites related to this topic for my study.

American idioms, business English