Iatrogenic dental injuries in need of dentoalveolar treatment

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Any type of dental injury induced by the dentist's actions, methods, or treatment is commonly referred to as iatrogenic dental injury. Iatrogenic injuries should be constantly kept in the minds of every practicing dental clinician due to its shear high prevalence which often leads to an increase in the morbidity of patients. Furthermore, Iatrogenic injuries require apt recognition simply since early intervention can heavily alter the patient's post-injury rehabilitation process. Henceforth by highlighting the most prevalent dental clinical errors, a majority of which are typically avoidable, one can obtain a better understanding of the risky nature of dental therapy whilst also gaining the knowledge that improve one's own practical abilities to provide an ever-enhanced patient care. This thesis will focus on multiple types of iatrogenic dental injuries that necessitate specialized dentoalveolar surgical intervention. Moreover, aetiological variables are also explored via three systemic categories based on the areas of involvement; local soft tissue injuries, local hard tissue injuries and systemic injuries, with an emphasis on dentoalveolar treatment techniques used in the management of such complications.

Iatrogenic, Dental injuries, Dentoalveolar treatment