Proposal for implementation of lean manufacturing tools in the company Wisecurity Cia. Ltda, dedicated to the manufacture of safe boxes to improve productivity

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The aim of this study is to implement Lean Management tools at Wisecurity Cia. Ltda., a leading manufacturer of safes and armored equipment, with the main objective of improving productivity. The methodology focuses on implementing the following lean tools: restructuring the flowchart, redesigning the layout, adopting the 5S culture, using Value Stream Mapping (VSM), and improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE). Furthermore, the results of the studies for each tool present the current state and the future state, with lean manufacturing proposals, generating significant improvements such as time reduction, elimination of time waste, process reorganization or implementation proposals in corresponding areas, the implementation of the 5S culture, improvements in efficiency and productivity, and meet customer demands.

Lean Management, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Value Stream Mapping (VSM)