Difficulty of Question Types in the Light of Oral School-leaving Exam Tasks

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The aim of this research is to find out what questions are easy and what are difficult to answer. This distinction serves as a base for composing the exam tasks because according to Todd (1998: 57) teachers should sequence questions they want to ask, considering question types, in a series of questions ordered from easy to difficult. Easy questions are important for slower students. We should enable them to answer our questions and this way take part in conversation, while difficult questions can be asked from more advanced students in order to select the really excellent ones. Meanwhile I am also interested in what kind of questions to ask students at exams to extract short or long answers from them depending on the given task or situation because students are required to use interactional short turns, transactional short and long turns at school-leaving exams. Finally, I would like to know how to solve communication problems occurring during exams with what kind of questioning strategy teachers are equipped to solve these problems and keep up communication.

question types, communicative competence, oral exam