Evaluation of the Possibilities of Measuring Changes in Readability in News Articles Translated into Hungarian

Gonda, László
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An interesting phenomenon in current Hungarian web-based media is that many of the articles that can be found on Hungarian news sites appear to be translations (or even mirror translations) of English original articles discussing the same topic. For a number of these articles, it can be easily decided using a web search engine which English article is the original they are indeed mainly based on. The question that can be raised based on this is whether this is only an aesthetical issue, or does this strong English influence significantly influence the readability of the Hungarian versions of these news articles for the Hungarian readers compared to the readability of articles originally written in Hungarian. Thus, the aim of the present thesis is to explore the possibilities of measuring readability in texts in general and via the utilization of accessible readability measures, to investigate whether the readability of the translated versions of news articles is poorer compared to that of their originals, and compared to that of news articles written originally in Hungarian. This could lead to conclusions regarding the quality of the translation done on the articles contained by the English corpus used in the thesis.
readability, translation