Integrált agyatlasz alapú lokalizációs és régióanalízis szoftver

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Digital brain atlases are valuable and increasingly widespread tools, serving various purposes in the scope of clinical subspecialities like neurology or neuroradiology. Atlases with similar purposes can be considerably different in many properties such as digital representation, delineation method, nomenclature or coordinate-system and the used standard template. Although the number of available brain atlases shows a significant increase and some of these have also been integrated within popular software tools, the general support of this technique by information systems is still poorly accomplished. The purpose of our work was to create a uniform framework handling most of the web-accessible human and animal anatomical brain atlases and deploy a user-friendly application and utility package based on this framework; furthermore, to apply the Multi Modal Medical Imaging software library developed in the Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Debrecen. A uniform brain atlas concept was defined to describe deterministic, hierarchical, probabilistic and maximum probability brain atlases. All of the integrated atlases were expanded with calculating so-called multi-level Maximum Probability Maps, and Region-of-Interest data-sets for each region of the atlas. Numerous utilities were developed to perform the uniforming and the expanding procedure. After anchoring important conventions and rules, such as naming-conventions and file formats describing the atlases, a multi-platform localization and region analysis software, called BrainLOC, was developed, which can handle all of the integrated atlases through a user friendly graphical interface. It can be used for interactive loci identification and editing, and perform region-based analysis of functional images assisted by any of the integrated atlases. The Anatomy Fiber Tracts and CYTO Anatomy Atlas (Research Center Jülich), Cerebellar atlas constructed by Diedrichsen et al. (FLIRT and FNIRT version), Harvard-Oxford Cortical and Subcortical Structural, ICBM-DTI81, JHU White-Matter Tractography, Juelich Histological, LONI neonatal Mouse, LPBA-40, Oxford Thalamic Connectivity, MNI Structural and different versions of the Talairach Atlas were so far integrated to our framework.

agyatlasz, multi-level MPM, BrainLOC, szoftver, multi-atlasz