New drug delivery systems for cardiovascular diseases with a nanomedicine approach

Acharya, Devashri Dilip
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Cardiovascular diseases are a constellation of increasingly prevalent maladies in today’s growing economy. Traditional drug regimens and surgery-based ablation procedures have been implemented which are used clinically to treat atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and arrhythmias (rhythm disturbances like atrial fibrillation). They are successful in treating the symptoms yet remain incapable of regenerating the damaged or ischemic myocardium. In the present world, advances in the application of nanotechnology in medicine, aptly coined as nanomedicine, has exhibited tremendous growth. This discipline is gathering momentum in various faculties of medicine. Here we discuss nanomedicine approaches that explore and aim to rebuild on the inadequacies of the traditional therapeutic approach. Biological and synthetically manufactured polymers and biomaterials with various nano-range shapes such as liposomes, micelles, dendrimers or nanocapsules amongst others, are utilized in the detection and drug delivery of cardiovascular diseases.
Drug delivery, Cardiovascular diseases, Nanomedicine, Nanoparticles, Pharmacology