African-Americans and the Social Justice

Szabó, Gabriella Katalin
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Throughout the history of the United States, African-Americans have always represented inferior groups that were liable to the white people’s feeling of superiority. No matter how hard they tried to fight against their discrimination during the long decades, they could never shake off their shackles. From time to time they were judged based on their skin color, beliefs, and acts due to their social status no matter whether it was fictitious or not. Most of the times it was the black people who had to pay for crimes. Of course, not every case was gratuitous as it is said that Blacks are more likely to commit crimes than white people which fact is supported by statistics, too. One thing is for sure: throughout the American history, African- Americans have always had a close link with the American legislature as in the early times they suffered from injustice, later they tried to fight for equality in this field, too.
African-Americans, lynching, Prison Industrial Complex