Application of nanofilters for ventilation

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Nanotechnology is a perspective manufacturing technology, and in the technical fields, it deals with the production, development and utilization of technologies and materials with dimensions in nanometre sizes (1–100 nm). Nanofilters used in the article for filtration purposes consist from a nanolayer which is applied to a coarse textile backing layer, and they are inserted into the frames as conventional textile filters. The most commonly used materials are PP and PE polymers, as well as carbon, glass and metal filters. With the fabrication of nanotechnology-based filter, it is very important to choose materials, polymers with specific properties, which can be used for filtration function of the product itself. The results given in the main article compare the nanofilters with the main representatives of existing filter products currently available on the market. There is a problem with high pressure loss of the nanomaterial, and when we compare them with traditional filters, it is difficult to use them in technical practice, even if there exists the possibility for us to define the material and the thickness of the layer which are adapted to the application-specific application conditions.

ventilation, filtration, separability measurements, air cleanness, nanofibers