The Development of a Plot Fertilizer and Distributor, Analyses of How it Works

Hagymássy, Zoltán
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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Enviromental Management of the Debrecen University, Debrecen.
stribution of the different types of fertilizers is essential. In my study, I recommend a solution for the mechanization of fertilizer distribution on probe parcels. I have designed and constructed a new plot fertilizer distributor. This machine of moderate price can be controlled easily; it provides accurate distribution and versatility. In my paper I give an outline of its basic principles of operation.The spreading pattern of the complete plot fertilizer distributor was investigated on the top of a test-desk. I constructed a test-desk, which has 16 collecting trays in transversal direction and 1o collecting trays in longitudinal direction. I developed a new method for data interpretation. A map of distribution was designed to process the data of the measured 16o trays. In the distributor, a map precisely traced the pattern of granule distribution and the amount of fertilizer as well. After this, I defined the transversal and longitudinal coefficient of variations for spreading. On the basis of my investigations I can conclude that the plot fertilizer distributor has excellent, even spreading (longitudinal and transversal) patterns.