Britain's Only Written Constitution and It's Effects on Politics and Religion Between 1653-57

Bandor, Barbara Teréz
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After exploring the main events up to the making of the Instrument of Government the circumstances of its making and its effects should be discussed. It is important to see the mistakes that were made while making the constitution and during the process of putting it into practice. The following questions should be raised: Who participated in the making process? Why did they appoint Oliver Cromwell to be the head of the country and with that did they have any ulterior motive? Was it a perfect constitution or did it have many small gates that could be passed? Also was it made to protect the nation or was it made to preserve the army in its position? Was the question of supremacy settled or it was still in the air? The aim this thesis is to find answers to the above raised questions, to see why the constitution lasted only for three years, to see what followed it and to understand this period of British history a little better. (Introduction)
Great Britain, civil war, Oliver Cromwell