Water quality assessment of surface water reservoirs in the region of Debrecen (Hungary)

Martins Sanches, Carolina
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This study assesses the water quality status and land use characteristics of Békás, Vekeri, and Látóképi Lakes, discussing the importance in water management projects and on upcoming presumptions. The sites were selected based on the social and economic importance, water use, and location. In the research, the lakes were compared and classified according to the MSZ 12749/1993 Hungarian Standard, World Health Organization (WHO), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for drinking and freshwater. The importance of knowing the current water quality provided by chemical analysis, and using spatial data are important to phrase objectives and plan projects in a way that avoids errors, and further expenses with restoration. As an essential resource, suggestion in its utilization and protection is necessary to maintain the ecosystem balanced. Additionally, Water Quality Assessment and land use knowledge from a site and region are key elements for decision-makers in projects, especially the ones related to water management.
Surface water quality, Water quality assessment, Land use characteristics, Water management, Future predictions, ArcGIS, Vekeri Lake, Békás Lake, Látóképi Lake