Comparative study of the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility at two Mongolian mining companies

Enkhtuvshin, Sanchir
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The mining sector is the primary driver of the Mongolian economy. It can be said that the Mongolian economy is directly related to the mining sector. Mongolia's economic growth in recent years is also due to significant foreign investments in the mining sector. According to the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia, in 2019, the mining sector accounted for 25 percent of Mongolia's GDP. If we say that 90 percent of export revenue and 25.4 percent of budget revenue of 11.9 trillion MNT come from the mining sector, we can see how much it depends on this sector. So, one out of every four MNT in circulation in Mongolia is related to the mining sector. Currently, 9 out of 10 goods we sell internationally are natural resources. This shows us how much Mongolia depends on the mining sector.
Mongolia, Mining