War Trauma and Efforts to Recover

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In my thesis, I aim to analyze this “wound” or “injury” theory1 through a close reading of three selected short stories by Ernest Hemingway. The stories that have selected are “Soldier’s Home,” “Big Two-Hearted River,” published in the short story collection titled In Our Time (1925), and “In Another Country,” published in Men Without Women (1927). I will prove that the physical wounds that soldiers and Hemingway himself suffered from created psychical “wounds” and changed their attitude toward the world and other people and had a great effect on the author’s life and art. I will argue that that the stories are all connected with the author’s life and what we can read in these stories is basically “documents” from Hemingway’s life. They are the documentations of his thoughts and feelings and in a way the feelings of his generation that we sometimes refer to as “the lost generation.” The common themes I will analyze are re-integration, isolation, identity-crisis and disillusionment. I will try to find evidence for these feelings and will concentrate on the soldiers and their war traumas. The selected short stories show thematic parallels, therefore they are appropriate for my investigation.

háborús trauma, társadalmi reintegráció, izoláció, indentitás krízis