Pharmacology of Treatments and Managements of Acute and Chronic Kidney Failure

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This thesis describes the treatment of Acute and Chronic Kidney failure as well as it's management. Numerous illnesses and disorders have the potential to gradually or unexpectedly decrease kidney function. Acute Kidney injury (AKI) is a sudden failure of the kidneys due to sickness,medication or injury. Chronic Kidney Failure is due to an ongoing kidney disease(for example glomerulonephritis) that is causing a progressive decline in kidney function. Both the symptoms and therapies for CKD and AKI are different owing to the fact that they develop/progress at different rates. While CKD is not reversible and must be maintained to protect kidney function,AKI is typically reversible by treating the underlying cause.

Kidney Failure Management, Acute Kidney Failure, Chronic Kidney Failure