Fiction, Reality, and Ethics in Bret Easton Ellis' Lunar Park

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My thesis focuses on Lunar Park (2005) by Bret Easton Ellis, who is one of the most popular and controversial contemporary American writers. This particular book stands out from among his previous ones because it functions as a kind of summary of the author’s life and career, so it can be referred to as his most personal work yet. This time, Ellis himself is the book's main protagonist and the basis of the events taking place in the novel are based on his life. The story focuses on how he struggles to redeem his soul by radically changing his rowdy lifestyle, trying to remain sober and become a responsible parent. [...] The fictional Ellis can be interpreted as a parody version of his true self. Most of the time, the character happens to behave near childish and stupid. Of course, many elements in the book are likely to have been exaggerated in order to achieve the overall self-embodying parody effect, but there are also parts that were based on real life experiences.

American fiction, reality, ethics