The immigration rhetoric and policy of Donald Trump with a special focus on Mexican immigrants

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The US as a nation has been regarded as a nation of immigrants since the presidency of Kennedy. However, this thesis aims to demonstrate that Donald Trump’s rhetoric, use of words, statements about and portrayal of Mexican immigrants, and his whole immigration policy concerning them certainly affected the representation of the US as a Nation of Immigrants for the worse, as his policy emphasized restricting immigration, Mexicans involved. After a brief historical background, the thesis deals with the immigration rhetoric and policy of Donald Trump, demonstrating and analyzing his rhetoric used in his speeches and on Twitter. During his years as a president, a number of Trump’s policies concerning Mexican immigrants are discussed and analyzed with a focus on repercussions in the media. Last but not least, Trump’s most memorable promise and policy is discussed: building a wall alongside the US-Mexican border. In conclusion, Trump’s immigration rhetoric and policy were of exclusion that distorted the US’s image as a nation of immigrants, especially in relation to Mexican immigrants.

Trump, Immigration, Policy, Mexican