Michael Collins and the Irish National Struggle for Independence

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The nationalist movement created the foundation of the modern Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century after decades of struggle with the British Empire. The Anglo-Irish war and the Treaty after that represented only the start of something new. Michael Collins played an important role in the Irish fight for independence. The British administration did not recognize him for a long time as a major figure within the nationalists, later the British referred to him as a terrorist, while the Irish nation called him ‘Big Fellow’. His character embodied a true nationalist, an excellent economist, a very good tactician, a soldier, the leader of an intelligence network, a politician and a reliable friend at the same time. His very good leadership ability became clear very early and he dedicated himself to the fight for Ireland. Probably, his personality divided and united the Irish nation the most during the fight for Irish independence. Due to his brilliant mind and his hard work, Irish people reached the first step towards the perfect independence.

ír nacionalizmus, angol-ír háború