Precision crop production and artificial intelligence - the future of sustainable agriculture

dc.contributor.authorNeményi, Miklós
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dc.description.abstractAccording to Kay et al. (2004, in Shockley et al., 2017) there are seven steps to the decision-making process: 1) Identify the problem or opportunity, 2) Identify the alternative solution, 3) Collect all data and information, 4) Analyse the alternatives and make a decision, 5) Implement the decision, 6) Monitor the results of the decision, 7) Accept responsibility for the decision. The basic question is what kind of tasks we can perform in the decision-making process and what to leave for Artificial Intelligence (AI).hu_HU
dc.subject2nd machine agehu_HU
dc.subjectgreen revolutionhu_HU
dc.subjectgreening the green revolutionhu_HU
dc.subjectplant physiology modelshu_HU
dc.subjectbig datahu_HU
dc.subjectartificial intelligencehu_HU
dc.subjectmachine learninghu_HU
dc.subjectdeep learninghu_HU
dc.subjectparadigm shift in educationhu_HU
dc.titlePrecision crop production and artificial intelligence - the future of sustainable agriculturehu_HU
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