Ignitability small attack flame fire test of gypsum composite reinforced with natural fibres

Teslík, Jiří
Hošťálková, Markéta
Vavřínová, Nikola
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Ignitability is one of the parameters that characterize the behaviour of building materials on flame action. The Ignitability Small Attack Flame fire test is used for the classification of building products by their reaction to fire. On the basis of the Ignitability fire test it can be determined that the tested material will be classified into the class E by reaction to fire. The Ignitability Small Attack Flame fire test precede the Single Burning Item fire test, that is used for classification of building products to class D, C, B, A2. The results of the Ignitability fire test were carried out as part of the research on the properties of gypsum composite with natural fiber reinforcement. As part of the research series of ignitability tests on two types of gypsum composite were carried out. The first type was a gypsum composite reinforced with straw fibres. The second type was composite reinforced with wooden fibres. Developed composite materials could be used in the future as board materials and therefore the determination of their fire parameters is a very important part of research. The results of the fire tests have shown that the developed material has a very good flame resistance.
reaction to fire, crushed straw, wooden fibre, ignitability, fire resistance, gypsum composite, natural fibres