Directors' Duties in Vietnamese Joint Stock Company: A Comparative Analysis

dc.contributor.advisorFézer, Tamás
dc.contributor.authorLuu, Bich Ngoc
dc.contributor.departmentDE--Állam- és Jogtudományi Kar
dc.description.abstractThe board of directors plays a vital role in determining a company's success or failure. However, there is always a risk of directors engaging in intentional fraud or inadvertently failing to fulfill their legal duties, resulting in losses for companies and shareholders. This thesis aims to shed light on the regulations governing directors' duties in Vietnam, focusing on joint stock companies. However, throughout this thesis, a large portion of the content applied the comparative method to compare laws and regulations regarding directors' duties in Vietnam with other countries' equivalents. Therefore, readers, even from common law or civil law countries, may all relate to their countries' laws and understand how Vietnamese law differs from their countries' laws in the research object. Additionally, the thesis aims to highlight the deficiencies in the legal framework regarding directors' duties under Vietnamese law by analyzing and comparing it with other legal systems. The content scope will encompass directors' duties in joint stock companies in Vietnam and their equivalents in other countries, including both common law jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States, and civil law jurisdictions such as Germany, France, and China.
dc.description.courseInternational and European Business Law
dc.description.degreeegységes, osztatlan
dc.subjectCompany Law
dc.subjectCorporate Governance
dc.subjectBoard of Directors
dc.subjectSupervisory Board
dc.subjectOne-tier Board Model
dc.subjectTwo-tier Board Model
dc.subjectDuty of Care, Skill, and Diligence
dc.subjectDuty of Loyalty
dc.subjectDuty to act in good faith in the best interest of the company
dc.subjectSubjective and Objective test
dc.subjectEntire Fairness
dc.subjectBusiness Judgement Rule
dc.subjectVietnamese corporate law
dc.subjectGerman corporate law
dc.subjectFrench corporate law
dc.subjectAustralian corporate law
dc.subjectUK corporate law
dc.subjectAgency theory
dc.subjectFiduciary duties
dc.subjectConflict of interest
dc.subject.dspaceDEENK Témalista::Jogtudomány
dc.titleDirectors' Duties in Vietnamese Joint Stock Company: A Comparative Analysis