Norse Mythology as Represented in the Ludonarrative Features of God of War (2018)

Csépke, Bence
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The aim of this paper is to evaluate some of the approaches taken regarding the mythological features, parenthood and masculinity, how and why was the lore changed and whether it was the correct choice and how these changes relate the story of the 2018 soft reboot of the franchise God of War to current trends. This paper will also explore gameplay design changes including combat, levelling, upgrade and travelling systems between the original titles and the 2018 soft reboot and will examine its strengths and weaknesses. While the franchise was resurrected to appeal to the nostalgia of veteran players, the new installment introduced significant changes to appeal to younger audiences and to reflect on the changing notions of masculinity and parenthood, which is clearly visible in the ludonarrative features of the game. The thesis will consider the plot of previous games, the current game and their ludonarrative connections, the possible effects of nostalgia versus the currently popular topics, the connection of story and gameplay, the role of immersion and the characters themselves in connection to game design features.
Norse mythology, Ludonarrative, God of War, Videogames