Eddie in Spotlight - The Vital Role of Iron Maiden's Mascot in Building the World of the Band

Áron, Tóth
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Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band who have been active for more than forty years. With hundreds of concerts and with seventeen studio albums behind their back, they have influenced numerous big artists throughout the years, from not just metal (Metallica, Slipknot, Sabaton), but from different genres too (Lady Gaga). The success Iron Maiden have achieved in their career, the impact they have had on music history made the members the face of heavy metal. With their mascot, Eddie the Head, a world of Iron Maiden was created, in which Eddie was the protagonist. The bands’ world concludes the themes of the songs and the actual tracks they wrote over the four decades. Other than the songs, the elements that are also part of the Maiden world are the great number of music videos, artworks, tour visuals, stage sets, and documentaries, in which Eddie stars. These elements, including the epochal musical pieces they wrote, helped them build as huge of a legacy as they have today. Iron Maiden have always wanted to be part of different mediums, thus, with their mascot, Eddie, they are easily recognized around the world. In this paper I will analyse the world of Iron Maiden, and how appearing in different mediums, with Eddie on the frontline, was a huge keystone in building a world such like theirs alongside the astonishing music of theirs.
Iron Maiden, Eddie, British heavy metal