Stress, as a risk factor in the working environment

Atebefia, Oghenetejirhi
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Stress is a state of tension and our bodies’ reaction to adverse internal or external stressors. Although it’s not considered an illness on its own, it can lead to other illnesses which sometimes have to be treated by a doctor. Stress arises from various aspects of our lives daily; through our studies, work, relationships with family or otherwise, etc. If these stressors persist for prolonged periods, they can lead to burnout, and a wide range of diseases like headaches, possible asthma, tension in muscles, cardiovascular diseases and a host of other diseases, some environmental and others occupational, all of which contribute to a decrease in morale and workability. Stress is very harmful in the long run and shouldn’t be allowed to persist, so we should try to take breaks when possible, eat right, talk to others who are going through the same issues.
Stress, workplace, exhaustion