Teachers' Perception s of How to Prepare Eighteen-Year-Old Students for the Oral Part of the English School-Leaving Exam

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The purpose of this research was to investigate what strategies, methods and means the teachers apply in order to prepare students for the oral part of the English school-leaving examination. Data were collected through a questionnaire to find out the teachers’ personal experiences in relation to the topic. The 30 teachers who filled in the questionnaire were randomly selected from 7 secondary schools in Eger. All the questions included in the questionnaire are related to the students’ preparation for the oral English school-leaving exam and were written in Hungarian in order to accelerate the data collection procedure. The other important component of the thesis is class observation that was carried out in Dobó István Secondary School in Eger. Two classes were observed which focus on exam preparation. All in all the thesis based on the result of the questionnaires and the evaluation of the class observations.

oral school-leaving examination, English, speaking scales