Determination of the proliferation-inducing effects of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on human limbal cells measured via MTT-assay

Mahmudova, Lamiya
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The goal of this research was to determine whether hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species, can induce proliferation in cell cultures taken from the human limbal epithelium. HuLi cells were isolated and maintained in our lab and cultured accordingly during the whole study process. MTT-assay was performed to reflect the number of viable cells present, and the exported data was evaluated through optical density measurements. The results yielded that handling the human limbal cells with high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide is an incentive to cell death, whereas low corresponding molarities could contribute to medical treatments for the human limbus area. Consequently, the findings suggested multiple new directions of research on the advancement of this investigation.
Hydrogen peroxide, Cell proliferation, MTT-assay, Human limbal cells, Cytotoxicity