Natural vs Instructed SLA

Dékány, Eszter
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There are numerous ways to improve your language skills even without instruction. Of course the best way would be to spend as much time as possible in a natural environment, travelling, talking to native speakers. But not everybody has the chance to do all that. Still, there are some other possibilities. Reading a book or any kind of magazine in the target language is something everyone can do. Watching particular tv channels, or movies in the target language is also a great way to improve language skills, and is also really motivating. I also try to improve myself and learn new expressions with the help of these methods, especially with the help of films. I have a lot of movies and my favourite series on dvd and watch them almost every day, only in English of course. So even without instruction, one can become a good speaker in the target language. Still, instruction helps a lot, especially in the first period of acquisition. So which is more effective? Natural or instructed acquisition? I am going to try to answer this question based on the results of a questionnaire I put together.
learning, acquisition, instruction, input