Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Liability for Corporate Torts.

Azimova, Lala
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The purpose of this research is to examine the role of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and corporate liability torts. The measure of corporate governance, corporate governance mechanism, the relationship of corporate governance and firm performance, and the concept and idea of corporate social responsibility from the human rights perspective. There is a growing need to hold company’s liable for the damages and violation of human rights they cause to third parties. Corporations not depending on their operations or business actions as a mother company or subsidy company that engaged in degradation of human rights in developing countries which is host country that would otherwise be illegal in the country home country should be held accountable. Individual liability is getting more attention in the 21st century, therefore, shareholders and/or managers of the company can also be found liable for the tort the company committed.
corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, corporate liability