The Importance of A Point of View Towards A Humanistic Health Care and It's Medical and Social Influence

Brahmbhatt, Rishi
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This thesis overviews the concept of Humanistic Medicine and its overall affect in areas of patient satisfaction, success of therapy, as well the physicians objective and societal role. Humanistic medicine being a somewhat ethical form of medicine has become a more modern sought form of medicine today, of which reflects on the views of quality of life. The positive and negative feed back regarding certain topics of medicine, particularly the ones relating to a humanistic medical approach as described in this paper put such concerns with the quality of health care, and medical professionalism into the spotlight where its intentions are to encourage a better, more satisfying intervention and doctor-patient interactions. Bringing together philosophical, psychological and ethical ideologies into medicine has given rise to the views and outlook of a humane approach in medicine, where the portrayal of the role or position of a doctor and patient as well from their interactions, gives meaning to this sense of human touch. Over the past few hundred centuries medicine has changed significantly not only in its developments but how society's views shape the way medicine is approached in benefits for seeking the patients satisfaction, therapy outcome as well the quality of service a physician should provide. Generally this form of medicine having a positive outlook by focusing on patient care, it also gives more of a deeper meaning to what medicine ideally should be.
Humanistic Health Care