The Role of Women's Magazine in Creating Ideal Females

Filep, Éva
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Human beings obsessively desire for beauty. The nature of beauty is difficult to define. Harmony, wholeness, perfection are terms connected to beauty. In every century people try to reach for the aesthetic ideal of their age, of their society. These ideals constantly change in our culture. However they always reflect the system of values of society. Beauty is a fluid concept, especially when applied to the human body, and depends on many variables, such as the geographical location, historical period, society and culture. No matter its definition and articulations, people and especially women are able to do everything to seem beautiful in their partners‟, friends‟, colleagues‟ and in their own eyes. Women‟s magazines are one of the main sources which have power to influence women‟s way of thinking. In my thesis I shall emphasize the process how women‟s magazines systematically manipulate their female audience starting from the youngest age group. The messages on the covers of female magazines deceive their audience promoting timeless ideas, encourage them to find their own style and independent personality as the same time the articles in the magazines spread the expectations of the current fashion wave.
women's magazine, ideal female