Emma: A Comparison of the Novel and its Most Recent Film Adaptation

Golikova, Liana
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This thesis deals with the latest film adaptation of the novel Emma by Jane Austen and explores how exactly the novel was translated into a film.The thesis analyses the following aspects of the adaptation:the setting, including the landscape and the weather, and also music and fashion.The places and the weather contribute to a better understanding of the inner state of the characters and also consider how the landscape is described in the novel and how the film managed to reproduce it. As well as music will be analysed as it helps to better reveal the characters of the novel in the film. As a feature unique to the historical time of Austen's novel, this thesis put emphasis on the fashion of the Regency period and examines how the costumes have been designed for the film, and whether they are sufficiently similar to the clothes of the time.
Film Adaptation, Jane Austen