The Representation of Female Detectives in Scott & Bailey and in Castle

Pinte, Brigitta
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Movies and the representation of its female characters partly dictate how we see women both in the personal and professional environment, which is quite a challenge and fight for decades. Nowadays female detectives play a crucial part in mainstream television, so it is interesting to examine their portrayal as main protagonists in contemporary detective crime/drama series. I have chosen two modern TV shows, one British (Scott & Bailey) and one American (Castle) in which I examine how Janet Scott, Rachel Bailey (Scott & Bailey) and Kate Beckett (Castle) create new spaces for themselves in an environment which is still mostly dominated by men. I will question whether they are portrayed as role models with which contemporary women can identify, and whether they conform to or challenge feminist and/or postfeminist agendas along with traditional detective characteristics.
female detective, Castle, Scott & Bailey