Gender equality and women`s rights assessment in developing countries: a case study of Azerbaijan

Valizada, Hafiz
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In the 21st century gender-equality and women`s rights issues have been suppressed on high degree in comparison to the previous years, however in different sectors of society women are still having difficulties to be involved in developing economies. Unfortunately solid stereotypes are hindering women`s participation in communities of developing countries and also conservative traditional views regarding women`s role cause difficulties in either households or business sectors. Women are represented in low-paid jobs of education, health system and civil services, and their promotion to decision-making managerial positions is prevented in many developing countries which results in higher gender wage gaps. Women and girl`s education rate is critical for the entire humanity as they are playing major roles in raising children and they teach initial basic educational knowledge till kids go to kindergartens and primary schools. Since independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan from 1991, together with booming oil sector in the country all the gender indexes have risen and welfare of women has improved dramatically, however there are ongoing challenges that Azerbaijan should take effective plans to overcome.
gender equality, gender discrimination, women`s rights, women empowerment, Azerbaijan