Treatment and Prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Dalmar, Mohamed Abdirisak
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In my thesis I attempted to provide a holistic discussion about deep vein thrombosis (DVT). I started by discussing the history and different methods of management in the past. I then discussed the underlying pathomechanism of venous thrombosis (namely the Virchows triad) and the aetiologies and risk factors, both inherited and acquired, that lead to DVT. I then gave an overview of the clinical features of DVT and the diagnostic methods used to confirm the disorder (especially ultrasonography and the usage of D dimers). The rest and the bulk of my thesis was spent discussing the therapeutic and prophylactic methods of management, including risk stratification scoring systems such as the Wells score and the Caprini risk assessment model and the medications used such as low dose heparin, direct Factor Xa inhibitors and vitamin K antagonists with a review of the respective mechanisms and toxicities involved. Finally I discussed other non iatrogenic prophylactic measures, gave a concluding discussion and summary and of course, sent out some acknowledgements.
DVT, Anticoagulants, Prophylaxis