Effect of Zeolite and Biochar as additives on physical and chemical characteristics of Chicken litter during the fermentation phase of composting

dc.contributor.advisorMezes, Lili
dc.contributor.authorCevallos, David
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dc.description.abstractThe main goal of the present investigation was to determine the effectiveness of additives in this case Zeolite and Biochar in broiler poultry litter composting and their influence over different parameters such as gasses emission, physical and chemical properties of manure as well as microbial action in degradation process of composting. This project was developed in a poultry company in Nyírbátor. Different dozes of Zeolite and Biochar were evaluated among them control, 1%, 2%, 5%. And their respective control group. The project had a duration of 16 weeks, 8 with Zeolite and 8 with Biochar. Gas emissions, temperature, water content, particle size, pH, electric conductivity (mS/cm), TDS (g/l), NaCl (%), chemical element content, Organic matter-, Nitrogen-, Carbon- and Phosphorus (%) content. These data allowed to know Zeolite and Biochar influence in those parameters as additives in composting process. According to the results Zeolite 5% treatment showed better performance than its similar concentration in Biochar 5% treatment in organic matter degradation, nitrogen reduction, carbon decreasing, ammonia contraction, particle size distribution, Chlorine reduction, elements increasing, phosphorus retaining, Biochar as well as Zeolite demonstrated good performance retaining temperature and moisture supporting better microbial degradation, accelerating the fermentation process in poultry litter. The best treatment recommended is Zeolite 5% in comparison with the other treatments included Biochar.hu_HU
dc.description.courseAgricultural Environmental Management Engineering MSc.hu_HU
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dc.subjectPoultry litterhu_HU
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dc.titleEffect of Zeolite and Biochar as additives on physical and chemical characteristics of Chicken litter during the fermentation phase of compostinghu_HU