Marketing of coca-cola: a case study

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The thesis talks about different marketing techniques like segementation, positioning and targeting and uses Coca-Cola as an example. Taking a look at the brands marketing along with its advertising campaigns over the years. The thesis concludes that Coca-Cola uses a 'global-localization' approach in which it blends itself into the culture of the local market by incorporating local celebrities and traditions in its advertising to resonate with the target audience, all while maintaining its global brand image. However, this strategy requires extensive research to be done in the market that the company is operating in, because not doing so opens a threat of misrepresenting the culture and potentially offending the consumers. Coca-Cola has also faced backlash based on health concerns and sustainable business practices to which the company has responded by introducing healthier alternative options such as plant-based beverages. To tackle the sustainability concerns the company has pledged to make packaging completely recycleable by 2025.

marketing, coca-cola, advertising, consumers, branding