"See What Others Don't"

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The major function of science fiction, based on my argument so far, is that it shows us alternative futures, leaving us with a knowledge that may shape our decisions and consequently our future. This is exactly what Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report is about, showing us a world in which seeing the future no longer belongs to the realm of fiction. The world it creates is full of technical inventions that in our day only exist in the minds of ambitious inventors, and the society that lives in this world is likewise far from the ones that have ever existed in reality. However, it is not the great variety of surprising or familiar ideas of technical or social innovations that is the only remarkable feature of this film. Minority Report is also a crime story, a thriller, an action movie, it uses certain elements of film noir, and it rolls all these into one effortlessly, providing something to enjoy for the lovers of any of these genres.

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