Elder Neglect: A forensic aspect

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A literature review on the topic elder neglect, that is largely overlooked by society. This thesis is aimed to provide an overview of currently available epidemiological data, a description of challenges of clinical and forensic diagnosis, liability aspects and legal issues. According to recent studies, as many as one in every six (15,7%) older adults (60 years and older) is a victim of elder abuse and 4,2% are subjected to neglect annually. However, evidence suggests that only 1 in every 24 cases are reported to social services or local authorities indicating that this number only reflects the tip of the iceberg. All types of abuse, including elder neglect, are a direct violation of human rights that require immediate attention. In the absence of identification and action, it can lead to severe illnesses, injuries, decreased quality of life, isolation and despair. Despite a high and still increasing prevalence all forms of elder abuse continue to be a neglected issue among public health institutions worldwide, which is not the case for other types of existing abuse in today's society.

Elder Neglect