Comparing levels of heterozygosity and Loss-of-Heterozygosity regions in baker’s yeasts

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This thesis covers the genotype analysis of baker's yeastusing analysis tools such as GATK, Picard, and Galaxy project. We looked at the levels of heterozygosity and Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) among four baker's yeast strains. We looked at the ploidy of the different yeast strains to determine the genetic instability within the genomes. The chromosomes in all four strains of Baker's yeast were shown to be tetraploid, with very few monosomic, disomic, or trisomic regions. In comparison to tetraploid yeasts, diploid yeasts have higher gene instability. This indicates the tetraploids became more stable due to the presence of more genetic mutations, resulting in an improvement in adaptability.

Baker's yeast, Heterozygosity, Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH), GATK, Fermentation, genotype analysis