Radiation Protection in Dental Radiology

Dhiman, Bimal Rai
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X-ray technology is a fundamental tool in dental radiography for aiding a diagnosis and assisting in the formulation of a treatment plan. When an X-ray image is taken of a patient, millions of photons will pass through a patient’s body, which is able to ionize and damage different molecules including DNA within cells. Although most of the damaged DNA will be repaired, there is a slight risk of a permanent mutation occurring which can induce tumor formation.Overall, it is accepted that radiation risk is cumulative and every exposure can take part in producing cancer in the future. Even with the use of low dose radiation in dental X-rays, it is essential to follow the suggested guidelines in order to minimize the radiation risk. Dentists are required to pay as much care as possible when selecting a radiograph.
Dentistry, X-ray protection, radiation