A General Overview of Formal and Natural Languages

Katona, Dávid László
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In my thesis I am going to analyze formal and natural languages. Before I go deeper into the observation of these language types I am going to elaborate on what is communication and provide a communication model based on Shannon and Weaver’s studies. After the basics of communication theory have been discussed I am going to elaborate on what is considered to be language from a linguistic perspective. After these basic concepts have been clarified, the examination of formal and natural languages will be placed under my scope of investigation. The main criteria of my analysis is going to be the following: definition, etymology, applications, alphabet, and finally, grammar. After I have analyzed formal and natural languages on the basis of these criteria I am going to draw a conclusion in which I am going to highlight the similarities and differences between formal and natural languages.
linguistics, formal languages, natural languages, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics