Harry S. Truman and the case of Israel

Dienes, Vivien
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In this thesis, I would like to concentrate on the road leading to the establishment of the new state of Israel and the issue of US support and recognition by US President Harry S. Truman. I will examine how the American president’s decision was influenced and what steps he made in his policy towards Israel. I will study whether recognition was a humanitarian crusade or just the last choice and step, starting from the Balfour Declaration, the Holocaust, his foreign policy confrontation with the State Department and last but not least whether it was influenced by his personal ideology. After the sudden death of Franklin Roosevelt, on 12 April 1945, Truman received an ambivalent legacy of constant consultation with the Arabs and Jews which could be perceived later on in his own policies as well. In his decision to recognize Israel, many influential factors played a role, including the relations with Arab countries, need for oil resources, the fear of an upcoming Cold War with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the question of self-determination of Jewish people and the post war ambiance with the Displaced Refugees of concentration camps of the Holocaust.
Harry S. Truman, Israel-United States relations