Chemical and biological air pollutants, as parameters of complex air quality indices

Eötvös, Tekal
Makra, László
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University of Debrecen, Institute of Earth Sciences
Human health is essentially influenced by air quality. Atmospheric air in residential areas containsmany pollutants. The monitoring and the plain publishing of the measured values are important bothfor the authorities and the public. Air quality is often characterized by constructing air quality indices,and these indices are used to inform the public. The construction of an advanced air quality index isusually done by averaging the measured data usually in time and space; hereby important aspects ofthe data can be lost. All known indices contain only chemical pollutants, while certain biologicalpollutants can enhance the effects of the chemical pollutants and vice versa. In this paper we discussthe importance of integrating biological pollutants into air quality indices. In order to increaseefficacy of these indices to the civil society we aim to introduce geographic information system (GIS)methods into publishing air quality information.
chemical air pollutants, biological air pollutant, air quality index, GIS