Natural Disaster and Its Impact on International Arena

Gilani, Syed Naveed Hussain
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To mitigate the collision of natural disaster it is very much necessary to confiscate the basic problems on the grass root level because without covering the minor loopholes it is not possible to overcome the situation. In the legal perspective the impact of natural or manmade disaster can be dealt in different areas. But most specifically author wants to discuss about the promotion of human rights and the improvement of economic conditions. The recent humanitarian crises caused by different disaster situations have raised new challenges particularly in relation to the protection of basic human rights of disaster affected population and victims at the time of disasters. The need for ensuring the human security in disaster management through the protection of human rights and promotion of good governance policies are most important in the context of development of rights approach. It gives a new direction towards the existing study relating to the preparedness, response, mitigation and ensures effective steps for disaster management.
Disasters, Impacts on Economy, Mitigation Plans