Irish Gothicism in Ann Haverty's One Day as a Tiger and Seamus Dean's Reading in the Dark

Ábrók, Melinda
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In my thesis I focus my attention on contemporary Irish female and male Gothic by analyzing Anne Haverty’s One Day as a Tiger and Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark. I will also touch upon the historical, religious and social features which have provoked the birth of Irish Gothic and provided themes for it. Besides, the importance of past and the Irish landscape will be emphasized and gender issues will be mentioned, too. The themes are fascinating because only a small number of essays and works deal with Irish novels and almost nothing can be found about Gothic works. So, this is a quite new field which should be “discovered”, but first of all, I would like to give a general overview about “the Gothic” and then, I continue with Irish features and characteristics.
Gothic, Irish, space, gender