Nature and sexuality in Robert Eggers' The Vvitch (2015) and The Lighthouse (2019)

Csanádi, András
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Robert Eggers is a young but notable filmmaker within the art-horror genre. The two feature-length movies made by him, The VVitch (2015) and The Lighthouse (2019) both have characteristics of this genre. The films are inspired by mythological, Biblical, and folkloric stories and Eggers also takes inspiration from actual historical documents. Both films are set in isolated places in nature and the characters are abandoned in the middle of nowhere, so the viewers can see how they have to face the unknown wilderness and its potential dangers. The setting is populated with different animals, some of them with supernatural powers, that embody the desires and anxieties of the characters. As the protagonists engage the supernatural things that surround them, they also struggle with their own weaknesses, frustrations, and repressed desires. Their anxieties derive from feminine sexuality, either by desiring and being afraid of it, or being desired and feared as a female.
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