Application of some important standards in the Ryanair’s practice (IAS 16, IFRS 16, IFRS 15)

Hussain, Syeda Laiba
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IASB (International Accounting Standard Board) has issued several major amendments in accounting standards through the last 5 years including the IFRS 16 Leases and IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers as a replacement of their earlier versions IAS 17 and IAS 18 respectively. As the standards are relatively new, it is crucial to stay updated with the improvements in the accounting field. Since, Ryanair is an airline company with high value assets, including IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment was important. Western Europe has a rigorous supply of LCC (low cost carriers) that have been significantly wedged by the pandemic. Hence, I developed interest to present the application of the mentioned major standards in practice of the airline company with some details on the impact of pandemic. As a result, I concluded that IAS 16 and IFRS 16 have more direct and significant impact on the financial statements of Ryanair whereas IFRS 15 indirectly impacted initial revenue recognition. Moreover, Ryanair continues to operate on a going concern basis but is facing serious pandemic challenges.
leases, IFRS, PPE, revenue, Ryanair