Presentation and analysis of various modes of business planning through the example of my own business

Császár, Adrienn
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I present an overview about the usability of the different business plans. In my study I analyze the following business plan types: The business plan valid in Hungary to be used to apply for European Union financial resource; Recommended business plan necessary for credit application by a chosen financial institution and finally the Business Model Canvas, a creative model appeared in the recent years. The goal of my work is to investigate the different business plans, which can be met by an enterprise during its activities. I recover the literature background of the planning, which is necessary for me to learn the existing research results. Furthermore by the topic choice I put forward the point of view to investigate the practical usability of the theory of the business planning in business life. The best example for this is my own enterprise.
üzleti tervezés, business model canvas, pályázat, tervezés