A novel data classification-based scheme for cloud data security using various cryptographic algorithms

Mohd, Naved Ul Haq
Kumar, Narender
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Digital technologies had an effect on people’s lives. The majority of these digital devices rely on cloud storage to meet their memory needs. Hundreds of thousands of images, videos, and audio files are being transferred to cloud storage. Thousands of people around the world access these media every second. Unauthorized access to these media must be avoided. One of the weak points for data breaches is the user-end encryption. This paper suggests a strategy for improving cloud data protection by combining the AES and blowfish encryption and decryption algorithms. AES-256 is used as the first layer, followed by blowfish as the second layer, in the hybrid solution. The output of the first layer is input to the second layer and the final result is analyzed. The proposed method also discusses other combined approaches such as AES with other traditional algorithms but the proposed method gives significant results compared to other approaches.
cloud computing, data security, cloud storage, client-side encryption, AES, DES, 3DES, blowfish